InstantSalesTracker is jam-packed with features to streamline your business processes. From initial customer contact all the way through to order dispatch and accounts, you have complete control.

With a clean, user-friendly interface, all your frequently used functions are just a click away. InstantSalesTracker has been constantly refined based on customer feedback to give you the fastest and easiest way to manage your business. Period.

Easy installation, and setup wizard
Support for multiple datafiles
International support (region-specific currencies, tax rates, etc.)
Search functionality
Online help & documentation
Easy-to-use backup utility
Follow-up diary to track communication with customers
Network support for multiple user access
Support for multiple company offices/warehouses
Record company employees
Track payments/commissions made to employees
Easily keep track of customer details
Communication log to view history of communications with customer
Apply flat percentage discount on a customer-by-customer basis
Record payments and refunds
View customer transaction history
Support for multiple contacts for each customer
Generate sales orders quickly
Easily add products to sales order. Access your favourite products with a single click.
Configure tax rate on a line-by-line basis
Supports multiple shipments for sales orders
Generate invoices, picking slips and delivery dockets with a click of a button
Send invoices via email
Add company logo to invoices and quotes
Record product lines for related products accross different categories and from different suppliers.
Support back-ordering and specific stock allocation for orders
Point of Sale (POS) interface for quick order entry and barcode support
Record comprehensive product details
Up to 8 quantity price breaks per product
Record supplier details and individual contacts
Create purchase orders quickly and easily
Track incoming stock, and perform stocktakes
Supports partial stock deliveries and stock shrinkage
View product purchasing history
Record warehouse location of stock for quicker stock-takes
Record payments to suppliers
View supplier transaction history
Create Return Authorisations quickly and easily
Record causes of warranty returns and actions taken
Track approved Return Authorisations awaiting delivery from customer
Identify trends in causes of Return Authorisations for proactive solutions
Create multiple runsheets to manage delivery staff
Link orders (and shipments) to delivery runsheet
View sales by date, employee, product, customer type and more
View sales graphs by day, week and month to identify important trends
Marketing reports tracking source of orders
Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the business
Print stock list with warehouse locations and re-order points
Dispatch reports tracking value of shipments by day, or by dispatcher
Customise almost any list
Comprehensive and flexible security structure - protect almost any section of InstantSalesTracker
Apply temporary product discounts in bulk, for all products, by store, category or line
Apply price changes in bulk, for all products, by supplier, category or line
Import and export data from MS Excel