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Below is a list of answers to common questions we receive.

If you can not find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Q: Can I use InstantSalesTracker on more than 1 computer at a time?
A: Yes, IST supports multi-user access, simply ensure you choose the appropriate licence.
All that is needed to support multiple users is a local area network and to save the datafile on a network share. Other users simply open the company file over the network and work normally. See your IT support provider or a computer consultant for help with setting up a network share.

Q: Can I share InstantSalesTracker data between company offices?
A: Yes, we recommend using Terminal Services for accessing off-site data. A "remote desktop connection" allows you to operate the computer as if you were physically sitting in front of it. For more information, please check with your IT support provider or visit the Microsoft website.

Q: Can I try InstantSalesTracker before purchasing it?
A: Absolutely! Request your 30 day free demo now.

Q: If I download the demo, is there any obligation?
A: Absolutely not! The demo version is totally free! The only limitation in the demo version is that it runs for 30 days without a licence. If your demo runs out you can still get a licence and not lose any data!

Q: Will InstantSalesTracker work on my computer?
A: The system requirements for InstantSalesTracker are:
• Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / NT / ME / 98
• Pentium 133Mhz (or higher)
• 64MB RAM (or higher)
• 20MB free hard disk space (for database file)
• Microsoft Access 2003 (or newer), or Microsoft Access Runtime (included free with InstantSalesTracker)
• Web browser, for online help (eg. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
• Internet connection (for licence activation)

Q: How does licence activation work?
A: Once you purchase a licence you will receive a "licence activation key" via email that you can copy and paste into the demo version to remove the time limit in the software.

Q: Does InstantSalesTracker come on CD?
A: It can, yes! Be sure to choose that option when you purchase. A small additional shipping charge will apply and I'm afraid that the box seen on the home page is only virtual. CDs are shipped with minimal packaging to help keep costs low.

Q: Does InstantSalesTracker have (a specific feature)?
A: Perhaps! Try out our free demo or drop us an email to ask! Remember, there is no obligation to buy it and the demo version is totally free to use for 30 days!

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